Adus F. Dorsey II 

28 Dec2018 

Well it snowed, finally. Whether or not the white stuff was expected or not it came as a complete surprise, so much so that some folks were calling it Fake Weather because they could hardly believe it. It has been a long time since anybody has seen any kind of frozen precipitation, so long that folks were confused and couldn’t remember if they had Gordon mount their snow tires this winter or not. As one famous Torrey resident said, “waking up to four inches of snow this morning was a Kerfuffle.” 

Once town maintenance men realized what was really falling from the sky they began scrambling to find their moon boots and Christmas mittens and were racing around in the dark like a three alarm Fire siren had just went off. Soon it was all hands on deck and the sparks started to fly, depending on where you lived you could hear the blades coming from a mile away. It has been so long since most folks have heard the sound of snowplows on asphalt that they figured somebody was running from the law and it wasn’t long before a caravan of old pick ups and cars could be seen leaving town in the wee hours of the morning with their headlights turned off. Just to play it safe….

Deputy Parker Doolittle, sitting in his patrol car on the side of road in Torrey was caught off guard by the snow too. Some tourists from Mobile, Alabama stopped to check on him and he wasn’t breathing. They waved down Guido in the garbage truck and Guido told them the Deputy does that sometimes and Guido thinks the old boy has sleep apnea, but he usually comes to about the time his shift is over. The two Alabamians weren’t sure whether to believe the big white garbage truck driver or not, but Guido just smiled handed them a gift certificate for a free drink at Marina’s then drove off. Like everybody around here knows, Guido can be quite believable when he wants to. 

There really weren’t that many people moving around once it snowed except the regulars like the postal driver, kids doing donuts in the church parking lot and the newly wed couple from Mobile. For the most part folks stayed in and were crowded around a fire eating oranges from Royals where it was warm as just about every chimney in Wayne County had grey smoke coming out of them. In front of some houses in Fremont, there were a few lumps lying in the snow that looked like dead bodies, but it quickly became clear that the head of those households were just happy that Christmas was over and it was past time for the Christmas tree to go.  

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