29 December 2018 

Adus F. Dorsey II 

The Christmas cookies are all but gone, a few oranges linger on the kitchen cabinet showing signs of wear and it is cold outside in Wayne County. How cold is it, cold enough that you dare not stick out your tongue and touch it to a steel T post, or anything else for that matter. That kind of stunt is better left to the movies or the prison playground. 

Recorded temperatures in Wayne County last night were well below the 0 mark, so far below 0 that you had to squint to see it way off in the distance. Anyone that dared go out in the darkness last night had to bundle up to the point that they could barely walk. Heaven forbid if they had to try and start an outfit. The act of turning the ignition key resulted in so much groaning and general resistance that it was hardly worth the effort. Even going out to get firewood this morning called for family members having to draw straws, and everyone knows that after years of practice Grand Pa knows how to rig that game, he hasn’t had to go to the woodshed to get wood in the winter since he was sixty and he is pushing a hundred now. 

Clear skies through out the night didn’t help the temperature matters much either. The skies were so clear that if you dared go outside and look up you could see all the way to Pluto, and Pluto was even blurry from shivering. Block and dipstick heaters at the auto parts store are going to be at premium from here on out to February, maybe May if this kind of cold keeps up?  I am guessing that Houston Oyler, the insulation guy at Loa Builders Supply, is going to get his dance card punched on a regular basis in the coming months. I am certainly signing up for another six to eight inches in my attic when I can get him to come take a look at it. 

I don’t know how cows and horses can handle this cold; it must be a mind over matter sort of thing, or intense meditation? Heavily woolen sheep I can understand but those short hairs standing in the fields are a sense of wonderment to me. Maybe a short Animal Science refresher with Jessica Grundy at Wayne High would be helpful to clear up some of these lingering and frosty thoughts.

Check on your friends and neighbors on a regular basis and bring those pets in at night or at least provide them with a place in out of the cold weather. There was a reason for the old adage a “three dog night.” 

Deep Freeze

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