Wayne County Deputy Parker Doolittle

URGENT Press Release

1728 hours 7, January 2019 

Wayne County Deputy Parker Doolittle Reported Missing by Locals in Wayne County

Long time Wayne County Deputy Parker Doolittle was reported unresponsive Monday morning at 0830 hours, 7, January 2019. Deputy Parker Doolittle is presently listed as missing and as of 01000 hours, Deputy Doolittle is the subject of a countywide search. 

Deputy Parker Doolittle’s Crown Vic patrol car was found empty this morning on Torrey’s East Main Street by an anonymous source. At this time Deputy Doolittle’s disappearance is considered suspicious. Due to recent weather related occurrences evidence at the scene is sketchy if not nonexistent. Sources that refuse to be identified due to the nature of their Torrey Town identity, past misdemeanor criminal record, and recent placement in the witness protection program report that a late model pickup with possible Utah plates was seen near the scene sometime between Saturday the 6th of January and Sunday the 7th of January, (times and dates are approximate and not to be considered accurate.) 

Informed individuals report that although no report of a hostage situation is presently in place or any ransom demands have been made, Deputy Parker Doolittle’s wife, Dorothy Doolittle and the three little Doolittle’s are requesting privacy and the safe return of husband, father, brother, uncle and all around good guy Parker Doolittle.  

Wayne County Deputy Parker Doolittle has been slowing traffic all over Wayne County for a many years and has become a favorite photo subject of the international traveling public since his induction onto the Wayne County Sheriff’s force. Deputy Doolittle’s picture has graced the cover of many prominent publications worldwide and been the subject of many local newscasts including but not limited to Paul Rolly’s Salt Lake Tribune editorial column. In part due to his extended service to Wayne County, Deputy  Parker Doolittle is highly decorated and the proud recipient of the Grover Peace Officer’s award for service above and beyond the call of duty. 

Anyone with any information in the questionable disappearance of Wayne County Deputy Parker Doolittle is ask to report details immediately. Sources and information will remain strictly confidential. 

Thank You. 

Adus F. Dorsey II / Thurber, Utah – Reporting

2 thoughts on “Wayne County Deputy Parker Doolittle

  1. Maybe a picture of officer Doolittle would help? No one from outside the area (which I am) will know who to look for, and the only picture i see in the article is a car.


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