9 January 2019

Winter weather continues to be the big news in Wayne County. Snow totals over the holidays varied from one end to the county to the other but all moisture reports were welcomed and hopes for more precipitation were raised to levels not seen in over a year. Frost, fog and milder weather have been somewhat the norm for the first few days of 2019. Keep those coats and window scrappers handy because you are going to need them in coming days. 

On the Wayne High Athletic schedule https://www.waynesd.org/whs-home/calendars/calendar/month.calendar/2019/01/09/-.html

it appears the Girls and Boys basket ball teams will be taking a road trip on the big yellow school bus to San Juan County to play White Horse on Friday the 11thand then on to Monument Valley for games on Saturday the 12th,   Go Badgers.

Wayne County swearing in

The Wayne County Commissioners held their first meeting of the 2019New Year and along with the reelected Wayne Clerk and new Wayne County Sheriff all raised their right hand and were sworn into office. The Official 2019 Wayne County Commissioners meeting schedule and official Wayne County Commission minutes are always a click away on the Wayne County Web Site at, http://www.waynecountyutah.org/wayne-county-commission-page/

Don’t miss a minute of the action, check it out today. 

Now that Deputy Doolittle has been outed to the Salt Lake Tribune my guess is he is on the run. If I were him I would be seeking immediate cosmetic surgery and making an emergency application into the witness protection program or maybe getting head shots made for Hollywood? Either way, all of Wayne County wishes him and citizen Kurt Taylor the best of luck in their new adventures. Personally, I do not feel we have heard the last of both of them by a long shot… 


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