Winter Wonder Land

Chimney Rock

Wayne County, Utah – Winter 2019 

It has been so cold so long in Wayne County that somebody said summer the other day and nobody understood what they were talking about, and fire woodpiles are disappearing so fast that one of these days somebody is going to get hurt. If it would only snow a little more I doubt anyone would get their feelings hurt. I get so many weather alerts on my smart phone warning me that there are storms coming that I have begun to doubt my phones intelligence.

Friday the 8thof February White Horse was in town for Wayne High last home game, the stands were filled to capacity with local fans cheering on the Badger girls and boys. If you ever thought that “public show of affection”was out of style you have never been to a Wayne High Basketball game, there was so much huggin and kissing going on that you would think everybody was related. It is nice to see people care so much about one another; it is what makes the world go around. And the games were good too. 

When both teams came off of the gym floor and changed into their street clothes they had Jaden Blackburn and Jasper James at the concessions stand so busy dishing out nachos that those two boys looked like they were working on a Detroit assembly line. Nachos and cheese was going everywhere and they couldn’t produce pizzas fast enough. Those two boys are destined for greatness. 

Driving the back roads of Wayne County is a real favorite thing for locals to do these days, birds of every size and proportion are everywhere, you would think they like it here for some reason. The Bicknell Bottoms and Big Rocks Road are bird sanctuaries for sure; there are so many bald eagles out there that you half expect to see one flying around with an American flag. They don’t call this place Wayne Wonderland for nothing.

I went to see Dee Hatch over in Richfield the other day, he is staying with JaNae and Larry Blake. Dee said to tell everyone that he is doing well, he has a comfortable spot in the living room where he likes to sit and read and entertain visitors. For a fella 99 years old Dee is living legend. I ask him how he was doing and he said when his birthday comes around he gets to start all over again I like that idea. 

Uncle Ray Conrad told me yesterday that he just got himself an accordion and can’t wait to get together with Dee and play a few tunes, that is going to be one fine day and I want to be there to enjoy it. 

I have been visiting with Lyman Forsyth a lot lately too, now talk about a guy that likes history, he surely does. Lyman has so much history stored that I am thinking he has piles of it that take up a major part of his house or about 10 terabyte hard drives. He makes me feel like a amateur when it comes to local lore. 

I read where Joe Fortner of Torrey passed away recently. The thought of not seeing him around anymore made me sad, I liked Joe; he was one of the good guys and he knew how to make a person feel special. Losing someone in these small Wayne County towns hits hard, it always leaves a big hole that sometimes never gets filled. 

On a happier note, Lamont and Karen Ellett of Loa celebrated their 60thwedding anniversary on February 7th2019. Their posterity consist of 85, let me say that slow, 85 kids, grand kids, great grandkids etc. etc. Talk about love birds, Lamont and Karen has been seen at just about every Wayne ball game there has ever been, if they there weren’t at the game everybody else in the crowd was out looking for them. To me Karen looks the same as she did the first day I met her at Garkane 33 years ago, and I don’t think in the whole time she was there that I once mailed in my bill because I always enjoyed going to see her so much. Happy Anniversary Lamont and Karen. 

In spite of the cold weather construction around the county hasn’t showed sign of slowing up one bit? Jackson has hoes on every corner in Bicknell putting in septic tanks, TT Construction is doing major renovation at the old Slackers on Main Street in Torrey, and plywood is flying off the shelves at Loa Builders so fast that it looks like a deck of playing cards. Winter used to be a time quiet contemplation and rejuvenation and the only thing you had to worry about was the size of your woodpile. These days you are lucky not to get hit on the highway crossing the street to go to the post office. 

Like they always said on Hill Street Blues, “Yall be careful out there!” 


One thought on “Winter Wonder Land

  1. Great article Adus, again! I hope they can be compiled in a book someday. Where can we pre-order? Incidentally, I am proud to be mentioned on the same page as Dee Hatch. Dee is a hero of mine. When you get your book published you might be a hero someday as well;-) Good luck and thanks for what you are doing to honor the present and the past…and keep us well entertained while you are at it.


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