Norris Cook

Norris Cook

Well the weatherman finally got it right; snow has been falling rather steady since Norris Cook’s funeral let out at about 2:30 p.m. at the Torrey Ward house this afternoon.  At Norris’ service there were a lot of stories and tears shed over his flag draped casket but knowing Norris, I cannot be so sure he would have liked all the attention and he probably would have preferred a hardy handshake good bye upon leaving this mortal world. 

I had heard Norris was a good mechanic and a fix anything sort of guy but what I really didn’t know was how much of an impression his mechanical abilities had on just about everybody that he knew. Almost everyone that stood and spoke at his funeral had some sort of miraculous, mechanical laying on of hands story about Norris, and for someone that bleeds just opening the hood of a car, I was more than thoroughly impressed. 

To me, Norris Cook was the kind of guy that would impart his worldly wisdom in teaspoon sized doses, kind of like one of his mother Nelda Cook’s old time home cures, and I felt that he did it just so he could make sure that he got it just right, that was the Norris Cook kind of way. But that is not to say Norris did not have a sense of humor as I have often seen it mischievously appear in his sly smile.  

To me, Norris Cook was always a good man and that was because I always felt that he genuinely cared. 

And yes, it snowed and snowed in Torrey the day that they buried Norris Cook, and if I hade to make a wild guess I would have to say that Norris was probably pleased. 


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